Posted on May 23, 2023 by Marketing Director

Imagine you just rode a bus from Mexico. You get off the bus. You probably don't speak English, or not much. You're starting a new job, a new life. You left your friends and family behind, and you're scared out of your mind. 

The first thing you need, besides a job, is how to handle your money. You need to pay for food. You need to pay for housing. You need to pay for basic needs. 

You're then met by three amazing women who speak your language. They welcome you with a warm smile and open arms. They give you an account for you to put your money. They show you how to handle your finances. They tell you how to go to an ATM to get cash. They tell you that you can call them, and they'll guide you. They tell you not to use a payday loan company. 

This is the story of what happened on April 7 and May 8, 2023. 

This spring, two groups of immigrants, brand new to the country, arrived in Indiana to start a new and although exciting, scary chapter in their life. NorthPark Community Credit Union partnered with MidWest Landscaping LLC to provide financial services to a group of employees that were brand new to the country.  

Our Empowerment Team was there and ready to greet these 24 individuals when they arrived. Imagine the comfort felt when arriving in a new country and being greeted by someone who speaks their language and has been in their shoes. They’re there to help you and ask for nothing in return. They even stayed after hours to ensure all 24 individuals got their accounts set up and answered any-and-all questions they may have had.  

MidWest Landscaping’s Talent Acquisition Recruiter, Norma Torres said, “Thank you [NorthPark] for all you did and are doing for our workers here at Midwest Landscaping. It means a lot to those workers, all your efforts and passion to serve the community. Thank you!” 

That is what NorthPark is doing. We are part of this amazing story. 

We are changing lives. When you bank with NorthPark, you’re #BankingWithACause!