We are excited to announce the intent to partner NorthPark Community Credit Union and Centra Credit Union. This merger will bring even more benefits to our combined Members. We feel the importance of letting you know there will be changes coming. Centra and NorthPark are both strong, Member-focused, credit unions who will ensure your accounts remain secure and accessible during these changes. We will continue to have open communication in the months to follow. 


Membership vote details:

When: December 4th @ 5 PM EST
Where: Your Device - This meeting will be virtual and the link to the meeting can be found HERE
Who: All NorthPark Members

Watch to Learn More!

  • The Future of Onward

    NorthPark CEO Carma Parrish, NorthPark Board Chair Lori Brenner, and Centra Credit Union CEO Rick Silvers discuss the partnership and how the mission of NorthPark will be expanded ONWARD.
  • Onward Chat with Cristina Garza

    Cristina talks about our financial education work and the future of Onward with Centra.
  • Onward Chat with Dave Rose

    Dave shares why he is excited for the addition of branches to our virtual services.
  • Onward Chat with Maxine Thomas

    Maxine discusses the importance of maintaining the trust of the underbanked.

Ballot and Regulatory Notice

Per the guidelines set by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), we are providing the ballot and regulatory notice for our proposed partnership with Centra Credit Union to our members.


You can read the complete regulatory notice below and download both the ballot and regulatory notice using the buttons below.


Download the Regulatory Notice            Download the Ballot


Notice of Meeting of the Members of NorthPark Community Credit Union

The Board of Directors of NorthPark Community Credit Union have called a special meeting of the Members of NorthPark Community Credit Union through Zoom video conferencing at 5 pm on Monday, December 4, 2023. The purpose of this meeting is:

  1. To consider and act upon a plan and proposal for merging NorthPark Community Credit Union with and into Centra Credit Union (hereinafter referred to as the “Continuing Credit Union”), whereby all assets and liabilities of NorthPark Community Credit Union will be merged with and into the Continuing Credit Union. All Members of NorthPark Community Credit Union will become Members of the Continuing Credit Union and will be entitled to and will receive shares in the Continuing Credit Union for the shares they own in NorthPark Community Credit Union on the effective date of the merger.

  2. To ratify, confirm and approve the action of the Board of Directors in authorizing the officers of Centra Credit Union, subject to the approval of Members, to do all things and to execute all agreements, documents, and other papers necessary to carry out the proposed merger.

The Board of Directors of NorthPark Community Credit Union encourages you to attend the meeting and vote on the proposed merger. Whether or not you expect to attend the meeting, we urge you to sign, date and promptly return the ballot at the bottom of this page to info@NorthParkCCU.org to vote on the proposed merger.

If you wish to submit comments about the merger to share with other Members, you may submit them to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) at https://www.ncua.gov/support-services/credit-union-resources-expansion/credit-union-merger-resources/comments-proposed-credit-union-mergers

Or mail to:

NCUA - Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion

1775 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

RE: Member-to-Member Communication for NorthPark Credit Union to Centra Credit Union merger.

The NCUA will post comments received from Members on its website, along with the Member's name, subject to the limitations and requirements of its regulations.

Other Information Related to the Proposed Merger:

The Board of Directors has carefully evaluated and analyzed the assets and liabilities of the credit unions and the value of shares in both credit unions. The financial statements of both credit unions, as well as the projected combined financial statement of the continuing credit union, follow as separate documents. In addition, the following information applies to the proposed merger.

Reasons for merger: The Board of Directors has concluded that the proposed merger is desirable and in the best interests of Members of NorthPark Community Credit Union for the following reasons:

Products & Services: Members will gain access to additional products and services, such as home equity loans, expanded mortgage options, business lending and account services, investment and insurance services through Centra Financial Services, and expanded, modern digital banking services.

Scale & Impact: Members will benefit from the greater economies of scale achieved through the merger. With a greater number of Members, the Credit Union’s operating costs can be divided among a larger group, which allows the Continuing Credit Union to invest more in its Members through lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, lower and fewer service charges and more convenience features. Additionally, the merger will allow for NorthPark Community Credit Union’s Onward outreach program to expand and serve a larger geographic area with more Members and potential Members.

Branch, ATM, and ITM Network: Members will have an expanded network of 26 additional branches along with dozens of ATMs and ITMs. Additionally, the merger will allow the Continuing Credit Union to reopen NorthPark’s physical locations in Zionsville and Lebanon, Indiana providing Members with a total of 28 branch facilities.

Member Loyalty Rewards: Members will receive the benefits of Centra’s Member Loyalty Rewards program, which provides cash rewards into a high-yield savings account for a variety of account behaviors such as debit card usage, certificate interest, specials & promotions, and Round Up savings transfers.

Personalized Service: Members will continue to receive personalized service and financial counseling, which will be expanded across the new area served by the Continuing Credit Union. Additionally, the Continuing Credit Union has made it a priority to expand the availability of bilingual or multilingual employees to better serve Members.

Community Involvement: The Continuing Credit Union makes significant investments into community involvement and financial support. All employees of the Continuing Credit Union will be provided with paid time off for volunteerism. In 2022, Centra provided more than $400,000 in community support through sponsorships, donations, and community partnerships. The Continuing Credit Union will provide guaranteed financial support to the community, as well as the option to make additional financial contributions based on Credit Union performance.

Centra Credit Union’s President & CEO, Rick Silvers, will continue to be the President & CEO of the Continuing Credit Union after the proposed merger. NorthPark Community Credit Union’s current CEO will join the Continuing Credit Union in a leadership role to direct advocacy and outreach efforts.

Both NorthPark Community Credit Union and Centra Credit Union have a strong vision and mission to support communities by creating value and furthering financial inclusion for Members.

Net worth: NorthPark Community Credit Union’s net worth as of March 31, 2023 was $4.59 million and net worth ratio was 10.54% with Centra Credit Union’s at $247.54 million and 12.01%. The combined net worth projection for the Continuing Credit Union as of March 31, 2023 is $252.14 million and 11.98% net worth ratio. Upon the merger, the net worth of NorthPark, as merging credit union will transfer to the Continuing Credit Union.

No Share Adjustment: NorthPark Community Credit Union will not distribute a portion of its net worth to its Members in the Merger. The Board of Directors has determined a share adjustment, or other distribution of NorthPark Community Credit Union’s net worth is unnecessary. The Directors of NorthPark Community Credit Union and Centra Credit Union have carefully analyzed the assets and liabilities of the Credit Unions and have appraised each Credit Union’s share values.

It is the opinion of the Board of Directors of NorthPark Community Credit Union and Centra Credit Union that the merger should be completed without any adjustment in shares of the Members of either credit union upon completion of the merger. Based on the current financial and statistical reports, the Credit Unions have made a joint appraisal of assets and liabilities to determine the value of shares in each Credit Union. An analysis of the share values of Centra Credit Union, NorthPark Community Credit Union, and the combined market value probable asset/share ratio value of the Continuing Credit Union are as follows: Centra Credit Union 112%; NorthPark Credit Union 112%; and Continuing Credit Union 112% The Credit Unions have determined that the shares in each Credit Union are substantially equal in value and no share adjustments are warranted.

The main office of the Continuing Credit Union will be as follows:

3801 Tupelo Drive, Columbus, IN 47201

The full-service branch offices(s) of the Continuing Credit Union will be as follows:

1430 National Road, Columbus, IN 47201

189 Commercial Street, Nashville, IN 47448

2165 Jonathan Moore Pike, Columbus, IN 47201

501 Washington Street, Columbus, IN 47201

2020 26th Street, Columbus, IN 47201

15701 North US 31, Edinburgh, IN 46124

1803 North Lincoln Street, Suite A, Greensburg, IN 47240

303 Clifty Drive, Madison, IN 47250

975 Veterans Drive, North Vernon, IN 47265

520 South Jackson Park Drive, Seymour, IN 47274

2450 East State Road 44, Shelbyville, IN 46176

710 Northwest Ordinance Lane, New Albany, IN 47150

2125 Veterans Parkway, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

2150 State Street, New Albany, IN 47150

1122 Veterans Parkway, Clarksville, IN 47129

1208 South Jackson Street, Salem, IN 47167

281 North Gardner Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170

1618 West McClain Avenue, Scottsburg, IN 47170

651 Hamburg Way, Suite 100, Sellersburg, IN, 47172

450 Patrol Road, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

4720 Baker Street, Lakewood, NY 14750

11711 North Pennsylvania Street, Suite 101, Carmel, IN 46032

9377 North US 301, Whitakers, NC 27891

4562 North Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46226

1111 Market Street, Charlestown, IN 47111

1365 Highway 135 NW, Corydon, IN 47112

450 S Lebanon St, Lebanon, IN 46052

9600 Zionsville Rd, Zionsville, IN 46077

Changes to Services and Member Benefits. The Credit Unions have made no post-merger plans to reduce branch facilities, ATM network access, or existing loan accounts currently offered or available to Centra Credit Union Members. The Continuing Credit Union may analyze the future branching and ATM network offering to Members and will convert existing deposit accounts, credit and debit cards and electronic services of NorthPark Community Credit Union to those offered by Centra Credit Union. Centra Credit Union Members will not experience any changes to their existing products or services.

Summary of Merger Plan. In addition to this notice, enclosed is a Summary of the Merger Plan which provides important Merger information including: the organization of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee; information on Senior Management and existing contracts and benefit plans; information on products and services anticipated after the Merger; and an itemized estimate of the direct costs of the merger.

Effective Date. Subject to approval by the Indiana DFI, NCUA and Members of NorthPark Community Credit Union and Centra Credit Union, the Credit Unions have planned an effective date for the merger of January 1, 2024.

Merger-related financial arrangements: NCUA Regulations require merging credit unions to disclose certain increases in compensation that any of the merging credit union's officials or the five most highly compensated employees have received or will receive in connection with the merger. No merger related financial arrangement or other financial incentive has been offered or provided to any official (Board or Supervisory Committee Member), management staff, or employee of Centra Credit Union in connection with the approval or consummation of the Merger.

Merger Ballot and Approval: Please note that the proposed merger must have the approval of the majority of Members who vote. If you cannot attend the meeting, please download and complete the ballot at the bottom of this page and return it to info@NorthParkCCU.org. To be counted, your Ballot must be received by December 4, 2023 to be counted.



Lori Brenner, Chairperson

July 25, 2023

Partnership Questions

We've taken the opportunity to answer several questions we believe our Members may have about our intent to partner with Centra Credit Union. Take a look below and if you don't see your question, submit it using the form to the right!

This merger will create significant value for our Members. Our missions and visions are aligned, and we believe we can combine our Credit Unions in a mutually beneficial manner.

NorthPark Community Credit Union has a mission of “Leading communities to financial wellness” and a vision of “Advancing financial inclusion onward.” NorthPark is focused on making Members’ lives better and serving their community, especially the underserved.

NorthPark is an entirely virtual credit union with approximately $43 million in assets and 4,800 Members. NorthPark was chartered in 1933 in Lebanon, Indiana.

Centra has a mission of being “Centered Around You” and a vision of “Creating value for the Members, Team Members, and Communities we serve.” Centra was founded on the credit union principle of “People Helping People” and strives to live out this principle through fair and transparent pricing and focusing on Member’s financial wellbeing first and foremost.

Centra has more than two dozen branch locations, primarily in central and southern Indiana, more than $2 billion in assets, and 150,000 plus Members. Centra is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana and was chartered in 1940.

Members of NorthPark will benefit from expanded products and services including mortgages, home equities, investment services, and commercial lending. They'll also have access to an expanded network of more than two dozen branches, a cash rewards program, and personalized service, to name a few.

Members of Centra Credit Union will expand from two new branch locations in the Indianapolis area, a focused financial inclusion outreach and business development program, and expanded Spanish language materials.

Yes! Centra Credit Union has the same share insurance as NorthPark. Each accountholder is federally insured up to $250,000, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government through the National Credit Union Administration.

No branches will be closed as a result of the partnership. In fact, once the credit unions are combined, Centra Credit Union will work to reopen the two branches owned by NorthPark in Zionsville and Lebanon, IN in mid-year 2024.

Once the partnership is approved and the integration of the two credit unions is complete, you will also have access to all Centra’s existing 25 branches, ATMs, and ITMs. Centra is also part of the CO-OP ATM Network and Shared Branch Network, giving Members access to more than 30,000 free ATMS and more than 5,000 free branch locations across the country.

Branch hours are generally 8:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am – 6 pm on Friday, and 8:30 am – Noon on Saturday. Additionally, you will have access to phone, live interactive teller machine (ITM), and online chat support from 8 am – 6 pm Monday – Friday and 8:00 am – 2 pm on Saturday.

You will have all the same service options with the added benefits of an expanded branch network, Contact Center, and ATM/ITM network.

Yes, in a very positive way! Centra and NorthPark’s field of Membership will be combined, meaning more people will be eligible for Membership. Due to a regulatory limitation, the township of Decatur in Marion County will not be eligible for Membership, but any existing Members in the township may continue to bank with the Credit Union. Additionally, individuals living in Decatur township may qualify through other Membership eligibility options, such as through an employer.

Members of both credit unions will have the chance to vote on the merger. This is scheduled for December 4, 2023. If Members vote to approve the partnership, then it will become legal on or around 1/1/24. After that, we will begin working together to integrate and onboard NorthPark Members and Team Members into the Centra family and expand the Onward outreach work.

Members can expect more detailed information on impacts to their accounts and services beginning in Q1 2024 when the integration and onboarding process begins.

Rick Silvers will continue to serve as President and CEO of Centra after the partnership with NorthPark Community Credit Union is complete. Carma Parrish, the current President/CEO of NorthPark, will join Centra in a leadership position to guide the expansion of the Onward community outreach efforts. NorthPark and Centra have worked together to find the right roles for NorthPark Team Members after the partnership is complete. You will continue to work with the same friendly Team Members you did before the partnership.

Centra has no plans to become a virtual credit union. In fact, once the partnership moves forward, Centra plans to begin the process of remodeling and reopening our two closed branch location.

Absolutely! You can still open accounts, add new services, and apply for new loans with NorthPark.

Yes! In addition to offering the same accounts and loans you have access to today, Centra offers home equity loans, business accounts and loans, a high-yield rewards savings account, additional mortgage options, and local financial services advisors to assist with insurance, investment, and wealth management needs. You can learn more on their website, Centra.org.

We will be sending you updates on this partnership through email, our website, and on your account statements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions at any time!

Your accounts will remain separate, but after the partnership is complete, you will be able to view and manage all your accounts under one digital banking login!

Any service disruptions would be very short. For instance, when we go through the process or integrating our technology systems, you may be unable to access online and mobile banking over a weekend and/or 1-2 business days. We will give you as much notice as possible and work to keep and disruptions as short as possible.

Centra maintains high standards for cybersecurity. Any information exchanges during the partnership integration will be handled through secure file transfer protocols. You will also be receiving more information about Centra’s privacy policy.

Yes! We will keep all of our Members in mind as we move forward with this partnership, including those who live or work overseas. We will continue to ensure you have a variety of options to manage your account and connect with a Team Member.

NorthPark and Centra offer many of the same services, such as an expanded network of free ATMs, shared branches, online and mobile banking, and much more. You will continue to have access to the same types of services after the partnership as you do today, with a few new services added, such as physical branch locations, Zelle, Zogo, budgeting & savings goals in digital banking, and much more.

NorthPark and Centra are very carefully reviewing how to move our partnership forward with the least impact to Members. You will likely see some changes, such as expanded options for making payments and a new payment address for check payments. Look for much more information coming in early 2024.

Yes! Centra also offers Skip A Pay on select loan types.

We will be in contact with you in early 2024 if we need any changes or documentation related to your insurance or title.

NorthPark and Centra are still working together on how to align our reward and benefit programs to offer the most benefits to our Members. Stay tuned for more information to be posted on our website and send to you via email.

In early 2024 you will receive much more information on when you might receive a new debit or credit card. While your credit limit will not be immediately impacted, Centra does routinely review credit card accounts to ensure that Members have the best limit to suit their needs and situation. Debit card daily limits are currently $5,000 per day for transactions and $500 per day for cash withdraws, provided your account has the appropriate balance to cover the transactions.

Yes, for a period of time your checks will continue to be honored. We will contact you in early 2024 with more details on how you can order new checks and update your payments or direct deposits to ensure you don’t experience any disruption in service.

You will have access to all the same functionality in online and mobile banking that you have today, but it will look a little different. Many details on how your online and mobile banking access are still being reviewed. We will continue to share many more details with you on our website and by email as they are available.

Your direct deposit or automatic payments set up on your account may be impacted. If this is the case, we will send you detailed information on any steps you need to take to avoid disruption. Centra also offers a service called ClickSwitch that allows you to update your direct deposits and automatic payments online in a few simple steps.

You will also continue to be able to get paid early! Centra offers early ACH/payroll deposits to all Members with a direct deposit at no cost. There are some limitations based on the how the employer has payroll set up. You can learn more about this service at Centra.org

Centra offers many options for managing your personal cashflow, such as Courtesy Pay, automatic transfers to your checking account from savings, automatic transfers to your checking account from select lines of credit, account alerts to monitor your balance, and more. Most of these services are free to you. Courtesy Pay is free for transactions under $10 and $29 per presentment for transactions over $10. You will receive much more information on overdraft services as the partnership integration process continues.

You will keep the loan terms you agreed to when you first closed on the loan, such as your rate, whether the rate is fixed or variable (can change throughout the life of the loan), your payment due date, and the length of the loan or number of payments.

For time deposits such as certificates, which guarantee a rate for a certain length of time, you will continue to keep the rate and interest arrangements you agreed to when you opened the account. Other deposit accounts, such as checking, savings, and money market accounts may see some minor changes during the integration process. Centra offers highly competitive deposit rates and checking account features, which can be found at Centra.org. Centra does not have a minimum balance requirement on any checking, savings, or money market accounts.

While many details about how this partnership may impact you are still being reviewed, rest assured that we’re keeping your best interests top of mind. You can also review Centra’s service charges here: https://www.centra.org/service-charge-schedule/

First off, we appreciate your Membership and are thankful for the relationship you’ve built with NorthPark. We also put a lot of careful evaluation into choosing a partner and believe that Centra, while larger than NorthPark, is a likeminded organization that’s focused on serving its Members. Their Team Members and leadership truly care about the Membership. In fact – enhancing Member Experience has been one of their top organizational goals in their last two strategic plans. We believe this partnership will enhance your relationship, not take away from it.

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