Posted on January 4, 2023 by Maxine Thomas

Maxine Thomas

Maxine Thomas exemplifies the true definition of a servant leader in the community.
Accordingly, Maxine was awarded the 2017 Bob Dickerson leadership award in recognition for her leadership, courage, persistence, and commitment as a 
RESULTS Grassroots Volunteer.

She is also the recipient of the Do Something, Be Someone Positive Leadership Award, awarded by the Saint Florian Leadership Development Center.
She believes that no one should live in poverty and that families must take an active role in changing their communities.

Through her work in the community, she is improving access to education, health, and economic opportunity by sharing her personal story of triumph.

Maxine is a volunteer on NorthPark Board, joining in early Spring 2022 as the Director of Advocacy. Stay tuned for Quarterly Advocacy News.

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Check out the latest Omnibus Spending Package signed by President Joe Biden.

Happy New Year!

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