Notes From Our Members

We’re so proud that many of our members have taken the time to share how they feel about us. We thought you might also like to see what they have to say.

Susan H.

Ariel and Dustin helped with a challenging task regarding my online banking. Ariel started the process & Dustin walked me through the steps to get everything up & running. Great team to work with — always willing to find the answers & were patient with me while I navigated through the process. I messed up once & had to call back. Dustin took care of the issue quickly on his end & patiently explained to me how to fix it on my end.

Sally N.

Dustin is always very helpful. He is dependable, prompt and accurate with his responses.

Ed F.

Dustin was terrific and has always provided excellent customer service. We really appreciate him!

Koni P.

The experience with the NPCCU staff was amazing. The reason that I needed to contact was unnecessary. My card was blocked and almost cancelled by the fraudulent vendor and I immediately responded that the transaction was mine. The card was still turned off. Though I appreciate this level of security, it was a major inconvenience and almost had my car insurance cancelled as a result. There needs to be flexibility for the CU to also be able to reactivate the card without reaching back out to the vendor. Regardless, I was happy to be able to speak with a representative from the CU to get this resolved. She was amazing!

Beverle K.

As Abbie remains on top of her craft she is always attentive, finding solutions and I can hear her good nature in her voice. Integrity matters to her and it shows.

Ismael P.

Excellent service, I applied for a loan and was approved in a matter of two days. They are very friendly, and very accessible. I recommend it 100%. It's a great community that helps Hispanic people get ahead in this country.

Kailer V.

Excellent attention

Butch O.

Ashley Lamb is a rock star. Need more customer service people like her.

Kendra T.

I contacted NP late in the day and Christy called me back and immediately got me approved for an auto loan over the phone fast! She is very patient, and caring! She listened and was able to provide a payment amount I can afford! Heather took care of my loan docs and got the money into my account so fast! Heather and Christy are both courteous people and provide great service. Both of these ladies are a blessing to me and I am sure I will love my new ride! Thank you, Northpark.

Enmanuel P.

Excellent treatment of the young woman. Full control of what you do. I felt very comfortable and confident with her.

Tiffany T.

Ashley was very polite and got back to me asap and helped me with my skip a payment and answered all of my questions

John O.

Very friendly and willing to work with their customers!

Ismael, Kendra, and Beverle

Alen, Luis, Sean

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Allen E.

Luis C.

Steve O.

Dena S.

Sean S.

Christie D.

Nadeem P.