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Grandma deserves a better gift!

Get her what she wants with our new Christmas Loan.

  • No Credit Pull
  • Borrow up to 1x your gross monthly income up to $1,500
  • Term up to 18 months
  • Payment is only *$109.02
  • $50 non-refundable loan application fee (see qualifications below before applying)

Click here to apply


  • Established (min. 30 days of at least $150) direct deposit in NorthPark checking or savings account or a NorthPark member for at least 6 months to accept a new direct deposit of at least $150.
  • 18 months with current employer OR greater than 3 years with prior employer
  • 18 months at current residence OR greater than 3 years at prior residence
  • Existing loans with NorthPark are paid current
  • Not currently in or considering bankruptcy
  • Self Employed members do not qualify.
  • Only one loan per Social Security number. 

DISCLOSURE: *$109.02 payment is based on a $1,500 loan for 18 months at 36% APR.