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Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives and are among the most stable financial institutions in America. They exist to serve the needs of their members (who are also owners) and offer the same types of banking products and services you would find at other financial institutions. All the people who are credit union members own NorthPark! 

Since credit union members are owners, each member, regardless of how much money they have on deposit, has one vote in electing board members. Members in good standing can also run for election to the board. The volunteer leadership is responsible for choosing the CEO, and it is the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee who have the final responsibility and authority to set the direction of the credit union.


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About Volunteering


Why Does NorthPark Need Volunteers?

NorthPark Community Credit Union exists for the benefits of its members. It is staffed by members for members. We rely a great deal on the services of our valued volunteers to contribute to the success and sustainability of our Credit Union. These volunteers serve on our Board of Directors, the Supervisory Committee, and the board committees. The Board of Directors provide direction in maintaining a balance on serving member needs while preserving the financial strength of the credit union. Every credit union needs a team of volunteers dedicated to ensuring a strong and viable future for all of our members.

Volunteer roles for members include: Board of Directors, Associate Board of Directors, and the Supervisory Committee. These members also form subcommitties for Asset Liability Management, Bylaws, Human Resources, Nominating, and Strategic Planning. 


The NorthPark Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members volunteer their time and expertise to serve in unpaid positions.  The Board of Directors is composed of seven individuals elected by the membership and confirmed at the Credit Union’s Annual Membership Meeting.  The Directors agree to serve three-year terms.  During their terms of service, these volunteers oversee how the Credit Union is run through the work of the CEO.  The Credit Union’s Senior Management team is responsible for carrying out the operations and performance of NorthPark relative to the strategic direction outlined by the Board.  

The membership also appoints a volunteer Supervisory Committee.  This committee conducts routine audits of Credit Union operations and any existing member account-related concerns.  The Supervisory Committee ensures Credit Union employees follow policies and procedures properly, members receive quality service, and problem resolution occurs in a timely manner. 


Any NorthPark member in good standing is qualified to serve. All volunteers must pass a background check prior to serving, upon re-election, or on upon re-appointment as required by law. Although no technical or professional qualifications are required, a skill set in finance, accounting, legal, human resources, insurance, marketing, or information technology is helpful. Members who possess other skills and have a sincere interest in serving are also encouraged to volunteer. 

Scope of Volunteering

NorthPark’s Board meets once a month. All meetings are scheduled in advance, usually on the last Monday of the month. The agenda and other relevant materials are distributed in advance to allow Directors adequate time to prepare. The meetings are orderly, and follow Robert’s Rules of Order for efficient use of time and focus on the important business of the credit union. 

Minutes are kept of each meeting to document all actions taken by the Board. All financial records of the credit union are available to Volunteers through an online portal to allow proper monitoring and supervision of the credit union. 

All employees, officers, directors, and members of committees must hold in confidence the transactions and

information of the Credit Union and its members.

How Can I Volunteer?

If you have an interest in volunteering, please complete our Volunteer Form. We will be glad to meet with you and discuss current and future opportunities to serve.