• Interest rate on loan cannot exceed 18%
  • Loan term cannot exceed 84 months
  • Loan must be less than 30 days past due
  • Loan must be open 6 months before eligible for first skip-a-pay
  • Limit of 4 skip-a-pays over the life of the loan and cannot exceed 2 in 12 months
  • Cannot have back to back Skip-A-Pays
  • Qualifying loan types: personal loan, secured loan, secured other loan
  • Credit Cards, Line of Credits, and Mortgage products do not qualify
Skip a Payment on your NorthPark Loan

This form must be completed for each loan you are requesting a skip payment.

If you do not want the skip-a-pay fee taken from your account you will need to print this form and bring/mail it in with your payment.
By checking the box below I agree to amend the terms of my original loan agreement(s) and to repay the entire unpaid balance and accrued interest on my loan. As well, I agree to a charge of $25 per loan skip.
Please only click "Submit" once.