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Convenience at Your Fingertips! 

Our Freakn' Fast loan is a freakn' great way for you to get the money you need right now.

(That sounds great! Take me to the application.)

You've probably noticed the predatory lenders, like cash advance companies or title lending companies, promising you big rewards when you trust them for a loan. When you're in a financial pinch, chances are their "help" is going to turn your little money problem into a big pain. This is because predatory loans often come with high, compounding interest and hidden fees. In response to these predatory loans, we have created a Microloan designed to get you through a little financial pain for a big reward.

Trust us with your lending needs. In addition to applying a fair interest rate to your loan, we help you save money over the life of your loan, too. You continue reading to learn more, or you can fill out the application below to get your Freakn' Fast loan on its way today.

Simply call, text, or video chat with us at 317-733-2200.

*Must be over 18 to apply.

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What is a Micro Loan?

If you have ever asked a friend or family member to loan you $20, then you know firsthand what microloans are. On a commercial scale, they work a little differently, but the general premise is the same: lenders provide you with the "little extra money" you need. 

Why Would You Need a Micro Loan?

  • Emergency: You're in a tight pinch and need a few extra dollars. Instead of turning to a cash advance company that could apply up to 400% interest on your small sum, our Microloan gets you the cash you need with more favorable terms.  
  • Business: Tiny loans can lead to exponential rewards, when in the hands of clever business owners. Instead of steeping your business in debt at the onset, use our Microloan to launch your store without being weighed down by demanding payments. 
  • Credit: Instead of living with your bad, awful, terrible credit, our Microloans can help you guild capital. All you have to do to rebuild your credit score is pay the Microloan back on time. 

How Do I Apply For One?

At NorthPark, we have made borrowing a Microloan easy. Once you fill out the form above, you'll receive a call from one of our representatives within one business day to finish the process. Don't turn to a predatory lender, when we've got a Microloan designed to put you back on your feet with cash and with cash in your pocket by the end of your loan. 

Is This a Cash Advance Loan?

No. In addition to applying a fair interest rate to your Microloan (see chart below), we also make sure you are saving money throughout the life of your loan. By the time you pay your last payment, you should have $520 saved up! 

How does the loan work?

On your first loan, you can borrow up to $1000 without a credit pull. We will set up payroll deduction so that $20 from your payment will be sent to your savings account. Here's the best part: the only loan requirements are that you have been a full-time employee of the same business for the last 12 months and that you are not in a disciplinary plan. 

Freakn' Fast Loan*
Average Cash Advance Company**
Annual Percentage Rate
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Term
26 weeks
2 weeks
Full balance + Fee due
(weekly, $20 of it goes in your savings)
(fee + loan due in
2 weeks)

Savings @ End of Loan



Builds Credit Score


Loan # % of Gross Monthly Income Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Term (months)
1 25% $500 $1,000 6
2 50% $1,000 $2,000 12
3+ 75% $2,000 $3,000 18


*Loan terms are subject to change without notice. $50 loan document fee for funded loans. Only one Freakn' Fast loan is allowable per household at a time. May not currently be in or considering bankruptcy. NorthPark Freakn' Fast Sample Loan Payment: If you borrow $1,000, you will make 26 weekly payments of $43.73 at 34% APR plus $20 per week towards your savings for a total of $63.73 per week from your payroll deduction. Your total loan payback amount will be $1,136.88, plus $520 in your savings account.

**Terms of cash advance loan in the first chart (above) are based on average cash advance company comparison of interest rate charged. Sample loan amount assumes $600 cash advance loan is renewed every 2 weeks with a $75 fee per 2-week renewal. Paying the $600 loan off early would effect the total fees paid.