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  • Borrow up to $750
  • Loan term is 12-18 months
  • No Credit Pull
  • Freakn' Fast Loan

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Freakn' Fast Loan
Payday Companies
(local average)
Interest Rate (APR)
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Term
12-18 months
Full balance + Fees due in 14 days

Total Paid on $600 over 12 months



Credit Bureau Reporting
No Credit Pull
Payment history will be reported to all 3 major credit bureaus and can help you build/repair your credit score
No Credit Pull
Payment history will NOT be reported to any credit bureaus



*Sample loan amount assumes $600 payday loan is renewed every 2 weeks with a $90 fee per 2-week renewal. Paying the $600 loan off early would effect the total fees paid. Borrow up to 1x your gross monthly income up to $750. Minimum loan amount is $500. Qualifications: Requires established (min. 30 days) direct deposit in NorthPark account or a NorthPark member for at least 6 months to accept a new direct deposit. No delinquent NorthPark loans. 18 months of employment and current residence. Not currently in or considering bankruptcy. Loan terms are subject to change without notice. $50 loan document fee for funded loans.