CPI Can Be Expensive

Usually, when CPI is purchased on your behalf, the cost is considerably higher than you might pay on your own. Therefore, we encourage you to get coverage through our partners at TrueStage or another insurance provider.

It is important to inform your agent or agency to name NorthPark Community Credit Union as "Loss Payee/Lienholder".

What do we need from you?

At loan closing, you’re asked to sign an Agreement to Provide Insurance stating you will send the Credit Union proof of the collateral being fully insured throughout the lifetime of the loan. This includes:

  • Sending in the current policy when the vehicle is added to your insurance
  • Any subsequent renewal policies
  • Updated information should you change insurance companies

For sufficient proof of insurance, the policy must include:

  • The dates of coverage
  • The VIN and description of the vehicle that is being covered
  • Collision and Comprehensive deductibles no greater than $1,000 each
  • NorthPark Credit Union listed as lien holder


How to Provide Your Insurance:

  • Upload: www.MyLoanInsurance.com/northparkccu Fax to 1-877-810-6325
  • Email: northparkccu@myloaninsurance.com Mail to: NorthPark Community CU

This is an automated email account and only emails with file attachments in PDF, PNG, TIF or JPG formats can be accepted.

Insurance Tracking Center
PO Box 924627
Fort Worth, TX 76124

Insurance Requirements — Your policy MUST include:

  • Continuous insurance coverage with no lapses
  • NorthPark Community CU named as lien holder or loss payee
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage (or physical damage) with deductibles not greater than $1000

PLEASE NOTE: An insurance ID card is NOT adequate evidence of the required physical damage insurance.

WARNING - Important Disclosures

Your credit agreement with us requires you to have property insurance on the collateral until you pay off your loan. You have not given us proof you have adequate insurance on the property. We intend to buy insurance coverage on the collateral and charge you for it if you fail to provide evidence of adequate property insurance to us. If you’ve paid off your loan prior to the date of this notice you may disregard.


Credit union members could save hundreds of dollars on car insurance with the TruStage Auto Insurance Program. Call toll-free 1-888-531-1256 or visit TruStageMemberQuote.com. Insurance made available by TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC and issued by leading insurance companies. Not a deposit, not federally insured, no credit union guarantee. You may obtain insurance through a carrier of your choice and your decision to do so will not impact the status of any loan. AHL-977129.2