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1) Why are you closing when other financial institutions are staying open?
    • We are not closing; we are transitioning to a virtual branch for your safety and the safety of others.
2) How can I get cash or money orders out of my account if I am doing a mobile deposit?
    • NorthPark ATM withdrawals

    • You have 30,000+ ATMs available accross the country available to you! (find one nearest to you)

    • Share branch locations allow for a withdrawal of up to $1,000 per day. (find one nearest to you)

    • You can get cash back when purchasing items from a variety of stores.

    • Your debit card can be utilized to purchase items in person or online.

    • You can purchase Money Orders at a variety of locations by doing a pin-based transaction with your debit card.  

    • You can issue a bill payment check out of your checking account.

3) I need to conduct a wire transfer; how can I do that?
    • We can accept incoming wires as usual.
    • Outgoing wires forms can be completed signed and sent in with a copy of your current ID, and then we will contact you by video chat to verify your identity for your safety before the wire is sent out.
4) What if I don’t have a checking account but want to have a debit card or use the bill payment services?
    • You can open a checking account online, and if you have any questions during the process, we will be available by phone to assist you with the process.
5) Are you still offering loans?
    • Yes we are, absolutely!
    • We will communicate all the details of the loan with you over the phone or email, and then we will send you the documents to sign and return.  We will work out the best way to get the proceeds to you or mail a check to the business directly on your behalf.
    • For even more information, visit this page.
6) What if my check is over the limit for a mobile deposit?
    • You can deposit your check at any of our branch locations ATM's, we are checking them during normal business days.
    • Visit one of the 5,600 share branch locations (find one nearest to you) to take your deposit during their business hours.
    • You can mail a check in for deposit into your account.
      • PO Box 588 Lebanon, IN 46052
7) I don’t have a debit or ATM card; how can I access my account?
    • We can order you a card that will arrive in 7-10 business days, until you receive your card, you can locate the closest shared branch location available for you to make a withdraw by clicking (here).
8) How can I make my loan payment without the fee?
    • You can transfer funds from your NorthPark account for a one-time payment or set up a re-occurring automatic funds transfer.
    • You can fill out an ACH form we will provide to you to have the funds directly withdrawn from your checking account, or you can set up a bill pay from your checking account to pay the loan from your checking account.
    • You can continue to mail payments.
    • You can use either of our ATM's to make a deposit into your account, then transfer the funds to your loan.
    • Shared branch locations can take your payments during their business hours.
    • For even more opptions visit our "Access to Make Loan Payments" page!
9) I am not comfortable using the online services, am I still able to talk to a credit union employee?
    • Yes, our employees will still be available by phone during normal business hours.
      • Call us at (317) 733-2200
    • We can also connect with you to have a live face-to-face chat. 
      • Simply text "Video Chat" to (317) 733-2200

      • OPT-in if not already done so previously.
      • Our staff can text you a link that can be used to start a video chat.

10) How can I find the Shared Branch location closes to me?

Click to learn: