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Everything you could do in the branch, you can now do through Virtual Banking. Call, text, or video chat right from where you are to save you time and keep everyone safe!

Text Us, It's the Quickest!

  • You can text us during normal business hours and get answers straight from your cell phone
  • Text us at (317) 733-2200 and opt-in to be able to receive text messages from us.

Mobile Video Chat

  • Text "Video Chat" to 317-733-2200 to speak with us face-to-face!

Give Us a Call!

  • You can call our main line at (317) 733-2200 during normal business hours, if it is after hours, just leave us a voicemail and we'll return your call ASAP.
  • Need to talk to someone specific? Simply type in the extension (provided below) of the person you need to reach and you will be led to their direct line.


  • Dustin Herrmann x201
  • Ariel Stewart x202
  • Brandy Fox x205
  • Carly Atkins x113
  • Leslie Mahan x139

Loan Officers:

  • Andrew Johnson x131

Mortgage Officers:

  • Andrew Johnson x131
  • Stephanie Tingley x122
  • Carly Atkins x 113

Financial Coaches:

  • Andrew Johnson x131
  • Josh Wilson x207
  • Stephanie Tingley x122

Collection Member Solutions:

  • Scott Opelt x127
  • Josh Wilson x207
  • Clarence Bell x132

Community Liaisons:

  • Carly Akins x113
  • Stephanie Tingley x122


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