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We understand that we cant give you cash over the phone, but you still have options to get access to it! Below are the 4 ways that you have access to your cash 24/7.

  1) ATM

    • NorthPark ATM machines - We have raised the daily limit to $1,000.
    • Need more than $1,000 per day? No worries! Visit any one of the 30,000 shared branching ATMs (find one nearest to you). You can withdraw funds from either the branch or the ATM just like you were at NorthPark, with NO COST to you!
    • With our Kasasa Checking account, ALL your ATM fees are waived - so you could use any ATM you want! (open an account online now).

  2) Debit Cards/ATM Cards/NorthPark VISA Cards

    • We encourage you to use any of your NorthPark cards. It's much safer than cash which is full of a bunch of yucky germs, and it's easier to manage!
    • If you dont have one, contact us and we can order one today! 

  3) Cash Back at Stores

    • You can always get cash at most convenience and grocery stores. Just enter your PIN number during the transaction.
    • To find locations nearest to you, simply search your address on this website.

  4) Shared Branching

    • Visit any one of the 5,600 shared branches (find one nearest to you). You can perform a transaction just like you were at NorthPark. There's NO COST to you!

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