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Getting Set Up

The Benefits

 How It Works


Get Paid Faster with Early Payday1

Get access to your paycheck up to two days earlier with early payday. With two extra days of funds, you can do even more with your money. Payday has never been better!


Start getting early payday in three easy steps:

Set up direct deposit today to start getting paid up to two days early.

Complete our direct deposit form with your information and desired deposit amount.

Step 2

Submit the form to your employer’s payroll department.


Step 3

Manually post your paycheck early as it becomes available within online banking and mobile app. Enjoy your early payday!


Get the Most out of Your Paycheck

How We Make It Happen

Most employers process payroll a few days before payday, and most banks wait until payday to give you access to your funds. At NorthPark, we give you access to your funds up to two days early so you don’t have to wait to pay off expenses, struggle at the end of a pay period, or say “no” to an outing with friends. With early access to your funds, you can make waiting for your paycheck a thing of the past.



1Early Payday: Subject to the employer and/or payer terms and conditions. Northpark will generally post payroll direct deposits on the day they are received, which may be up to two days earlier than the scheduled posting date. Other exceptions may apply.