Want to earn more than a CD while keeping your cash liquid?

Yes, you read that right. Now you can.

NorthPark is a not-for-profit cooperative. People like you, our members, are owners of the cooperative. So the more you and the other owners are engaged in the cooperative, the stronger the cooperative becomes. A strong cooperative enables us to save our members more money on lower loan rates and offer higher rates on their deposits. That's why our Premier Checking account rewards our most engaged members just for doing what they already normally do.

See what you can earn.            

                  Premier Balance           Qualifying APY*
Tier 1         $2,500 - $4,999.99        5.12%
Tier 2         $5,000 - $50,000           1.00%
So what does an engaged NorthPark member look like to qualify? 
Simply sign-up and open e-Statements monthly, have Net Direct Deposit, and use your NorthPark debit card 25 times per month (ATM transactions do not qualify).
Is there a minimum or maximum balance for this account?
No. However, balances less than $2,500 and greater than $50,000 will earn our current FREE checking rate.
Are there service fees for this account? 
What if I don't meet all the qualifiers one month?
No problem. There is no fee charged. You will just earn our current FREE checking rate.

*Rate and tiers are subject to change without notice.