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3 Ways to pay for Christmas

Need some help for the holidays? We have some options that may help bring holiday cheer to the ones you love.

Options Include:

Christmas Loan

  • Borrow up to $1,500 for 18 months. Monthly payment is about $109.*

Click here to apply.

Skip-a-Loan Pay

  • Skip your next NorthPark auto or personal loan for only $25.**

Click here to apply.

0% Interest on Purchases

  • Open a new NorthPark Platinum Credit Card and pay 0% interest for 6 months.***

DISCLOSURES*The Christmas loan requires established (min. 30 days) direct deposit in NorthPark checking account or a NorthPark member for at least 6 months to accept a new direct deposit. No delinquent NorthPark loans. Borrow up to 1x your gross monthly income up to $1,500.**Skip-a-Loan Pay eligibility requires your NorthPark loan is at least 6 months old, is not more than 30 days past due, interest rate is less than 18% and 84 month term. Limit of 4 skip-a-pays over life of loan and cannot exceed 2 in 12 months.***Platinum Credit Card is based on approved applicants.