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Volunteer Leadership

NorthPark Community Credit Union (NPCCU) is a credit union chartered and regulated by the State of Indiana and the National Credit Union Administration.  NPCCU is governed by an elected Board of Directors. We are always on the lookout for interesting and qualified individuals to join our volunteer leadership teams! To decide if you want to offer your time and expertise to NPCCU and determine whether you meet the rigorous standards, there are things you'll want to know. This section of our site is designed to help you make an informed, deliberate decision.


With so many demands on your time, you have a right to feel your time is well spent.  NPCCU Directors and volunteers agree their time at NPCCU is worthwhile.  NPCCU Directors and volunteers contribute their leadership, knowledge, ideas, and vision to the benefit of their fellow credit union members. In exchange, they receive practical leadership and team experience, education on financial institutions and management, networking opportunities, travel opportunities, and the satisfaction that comes from helping improve people's lives.


Directors and volunteers are essential for corporate governance and for NPCCU to fulfill its mission and vision. We need and depend on them. They are a key element of what sets NPCCU apart from other financial institutions.


Board Director

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
A Director serving on the NPCCU Board of Directors will be a prudent and diligent individual who, with eight other individuals, maintains the strategic direction and sets the policies of the Credit Union. This includes, but is not limited to, guiding the organization to fulfill its vision/purpose/mission; setting all policies which guide the affairs of NPCCU; and ensuring that those policies are properly implemented in accordance with NPCCU’s charter, bylaws, all applicable federal and state laws, sound business practices, and the interests of the membership.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attends regular and special meetings, including the annual strategic planning retreat, of the Board of Directors.

  2. Establishes policies that determine the product and service activities of NPCCU management and staff.

  3. Amends the NPCCU bylaws, subject to the State of Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, as appropriate.

  4. Monitors monthly operating income and expenses; monitors the balance sheet.

  5. Monitors and approves the annual NPCCU operating budget.

  6. Hires, fixes duties, compensation and benefits, and evaluates performance of the President/CEO.

  7. Appoints an Executive Committee, of not fewer than four directors, to act with respect to specifically delegated functions and subject to such limitations as prescribed by the Board.

  8. Serves on, and/or chairs, other ad hoc committees as appointed by the Board Chair.  Each committee will require a different set of skills and have various time requirements. You may be better suited to one committee than another.

  9. Maintains all business affairs and affairs of its members in a confidential, ethical manner and refrains from any relationship which would create conflict of interest with regard to NPCCU.

  10. Acts on loans to Directors, Supervisory Committee members, and the NPCCU President.

  11. Acts as a positive ambassador for NPCCU and its services.

Basic Qualification Requirements

  1. Is a member in good standing of NPCCU. 

  2. Has the ability and desire to attend all regular and special meetings, including the annual strategic planning retreat of the Board of Directors and at least one educational program per year.

  3. Has a desire to learn about NPCCU, its services, laws, and regulations that govern it and the responsibilities of a Board member.

  4. Has an open mind, the ability to use sound judgment, a willingness to accept responsibility, and the ability to make group decisions with fellow Board members.

  5. Acts in the overall best interest of the membership as best as can be determined.


Supervisory Committee Member

NPCCU is currently seeking individuals interested in serving on the Supervisory Committee. Please contact Dan Robbins at 317/733-2200 ext. 138 to find out more.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
The Supervisory Committee, required by the Federal Credit Union Act, is the watchdog of the Credit Union. It is responsible for making sure members' funds and interests are protected, as well as the interests of the Credit Union officials.  The Committee is elected by the membership among the members of NPCCU, or is appointed by the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, per NPCCU bylaws.  It conducts an annual audit and has a continuing responsibility to ensure that the NPCCU's financial records and operations are in order.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Contracts with and directs a CPA firm to conduct an Annual Audit; receives the Audit; and directs the NPCCU management to respond to the Audit with responses and action plans to correct findings identified in the Audit.

  2. Conducts cash counts of teller cash drawers and vault audits to monitor proper cash handling procedures.

  3. Conducts periodic loan review to monitor proper loan underwriting and collection procedures.

  4. Act as a communication liaison between members, the Board of Directors and NPCCU management. 

  5. Ensures that the management’s financial reporting requirements have been met.

  6. Ensures that management practices and procedures safeguard the members’ assets.

  7. Establishes and maintaines effective internal controls to achieve the credit union’s      financial reporting objectives.

  8. Conducts an annual verification of members’ accounts and the accuracy and reliability of accounting data.

  9. Other duties required to protect the interests of member.

Basic Qualification Requirements

  1. Is a member in good standing of NPCCU. 

  2. Has the skill, practical business experience, ability and desire to perform the duties listed.

  3. Can attend all regular and special meetings, including the annual strategic planning retreat of the Board of Directors and at least one educational program per year.


Interested in learning more?
Send an email to Dan Robbins, NPCCU President/CEO at drobbins@northparkccu.org or call at (317) 733-2200, ext. 138 to set an appointment to meet.


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