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NorthPark CCU offers the ability to make loan payments online, set up online payment plans and check your loan balance. 

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Merchant of the Month

Arcadia Louvered Roofs is a Merchant Partner of NorthPark. They specialize in "bringing your indoors out, changing the way people live through design and innovation everyday." Call them today for a quote!


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Have car buying on your mind? Or maybe you are thinking of selling a vehicle? Either way, NorthPark has you covered. We offer 3 FREE auto buying services that will help you save time and money. 

1. Full Service - Starts June 1

AutoPREMIER is your personal concierge. We will guide you throughout the entire auto buying experience. A highly trained representative will help you choose the right car and locate it through our exclusive dealer network. You will save with no-hassle, no haggle pre-negotiated pricing. With VIP level service, you are certain to get the convenience and peace of mind that only AutoPREMIER can offer. More details to come...

2. Self Serve

With our AutoSMART service you can shop for your car anywhere and at any time. With our nationwide network of over 11,000 participating auto dealers with an aggregate of more than 1.4 million vehicles in inventory, you are sure to find your dream car. This tool will guide you through the entire car buying process helping you make better buying decisions, get great deals and you can even sell your vehicle. 

3. Pre-Approved Financing

Apply now for the vehicle loan through the University of Nebraska FCU. With a pre-approved loan from us, you'll be able to get the financing you need when purchasing your vehicle at the dealership. It's fast, easy and SMART.

Does your budget need a make-over? Right now we're giving make-overs totaling over $3 MILLION dollars and we want to help you! In April we began our inaugural Loan Refinance Campaign.


Our goal is to save our members in payments and interest by refinancing $3 million in loans from other banks to NorthPark. We know we have VERY competitive rates and we want to save our members money in a big way! How much will you save? Email or call Krista at 317-716-4628. She can help you understand your refi possibilities and calculate your savings.

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