Fee Schedule effective 11/1/2018

Checking/Share Draft Accounts

Easy Checking$5.00 Monthly  - Account Service Charge Fee
Kasasa Cash  $ 0 Accoun Service Charge Fee
Kasasa Cash Back  $ 0 Accoun Service Charge Fee
Kasasa Tunes  $ 0 Accoun Service Charge Fee
Kasasa Saver  $ 0 Accoun Service Charge Fee
Debit and ATM Fees 
Debit/ATM Card (Initial Card)No Fee
Inactive Debit Card$10.00 per card/per checking account after 90 days no activity
Replacement ATM/Debit Card$ 10.00 each
Foregin ATM Transactions*$3.00 per transaction
Foreign ATM DepositsNo Fee
Sales Draft Copy$ 7.50 each copy
Insufficient Funds Fee$ 35.00 per item returned

Point of Sales Transactions**
(ex. Retailers)

$ 1.00 after first 8 FREE transactions per month

*Surcharges imposed at ATM owners are in addition to this fee.  Surcharge fees are not controlled by NPCCU.

**Any transaction that require the use of your PIN (personal identification number)

Home Banking 
Monthly Access FeeNo Fee
Bill Payer Fees$.75 per item after first 15 FREE items per month
Insufficient Funds Fee$35.00 per item returned
Stop Payment Fee
(adding or deleting)
$35.00 each
Canceled Check/Bill Copy$7.50 per item
Account to Account Transfer Fee$1.00 per transfer
Same Day Bill Payment Fee$9.95
Overnight Check Fee$15.95
Miscellaneous Fees 
Automatic Transfer 
(From Savings to Share Draft)
$6.00 per transaction (Reg D also applies after 6 transactions)
Collection Deposit Item (Domestic/Foreign)$20.00 per item
Non-Negotiable Deposit Item$5.00 per item
Regulation D Violation$6.00 per item after allotted 6 transactions per month
Money Orders$1.00 each
Official Checks$5.00 each
Outgoing Wires (Domestic)$25.00 each
Incoming Wires (Domestic or Foreign)$15.00 each
Overnight Mail DeliveryAs charged, with $35.00 minimum
Paper Statements $5 per statement
Copy of Check/Draft Fee$3.00 per check, $5.00 per check if older than 12 months
Notary Service (Members)No Fee
Account Reconciliation and Research Fee$35.00 per hour, by appointment only
Insufficient Funds Fee-Check or ACH$35.00 per returned item
Non-Returned Item Fee (Item paid if qualified for Courtesy Pay)$35.00 per item
Returned Deposited Check$15.00 per check returned
Address Notification Change Form from USPS$3.00
Email Return Processing Fee$2.00
Dormant Account Fee
(inactive for 6 months)
$10.00 per month
Account Early Closing Fee
(within 90 days of opening)
Garnishment Processing$50.00
Levies Processing$50.00
Escheat Processing$50.00
Shared Branch Transactions$1.00 each after first 12 FREE transactions per month