DAS Stock Loan

We're streamlining the application process for the 2017 DAS Stock Loan.

- This is a 36 month loan with no penalty to pay off early.
- We will NOT be pulling credit on this loan.
- Fully engaged NorthPark members will be charged a $50 loan doc fee with
   a loan rate of 12% APR (requires an active NorthPark loan or direct
   deposit to your NorthPark checking account).
- Non-engaged members will be charged a $75 loan doc fee with a loan rate
   of 15% APR.

If you don't find this entire loan process easy enough please let our CEO know. Heck, let her know if you do think it was easy! Email Carma

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First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Postal Code
Phone Number
E-mail Address
# Years at Dow?
Current NorthPark member?
Member Number (if applicable)
Have you had a DAS Stock Loan before?
How much are you requesting to borrow?
Please attach your last paystub.
What date will you drop by to sign? We'll have it ready for you to sign and go in 5!
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