Credit Union Services

Shared Branching

Fee-Free access to your NorthPark account at any shared branching location. Make deposits, withdrawal cash, make NorthPark loan payments.

Need your NorthPark account number and a photo ID and you can access your account just like you were in a NorthPark branch.

Visit or call 1-800-919-CUSC (2872) for locations and hours. Call the number on your mobile phone and it will provide directions to the shared branch nearest your current location.


Money Orders & Corporate Checks

A money order can be up to a maximum limit of $1,000.00. Anything over that amount you would need to get a corporate check. Cost is $1.00 per money order. 

A corporate check is a check of guaranteed funds from your account. The difference between a corporate check and a money order is that the corporate check is signed and guaranteed by a credit union employee and a money order is treated like an ordinary check signed by the member. Cost is $5.00 per item

Other Services
  • Notary public services
  • Medallion signature services
Outside Services

NorthPark Community Credit Union is a partner with Sprint! Receive a discount on your monthly cell phone bill with Sprint just for being a member of NorthPark! Check out visit a Sprint location or call 877-SAVE.4.CU, tell them you are a credit union member and ask to be attached to the NACUC_ZZM corporate ID!